DIY Eye Mask to Get a Real Good Sleep!!

Since I made my first post about how to make a Super Cute Sleepy Eye Mask I have been sleeping much better throughout the day so I wanted to share this great fortune with some of the people who have made my last term of nursing school a great experience. I decided to make some cute masks that represented there own personalities as a end of term Thank You gift and this is what I came up with!

Each mask was made using one dark fabric and one light fabric. The dark fabric helps to keep the light out.

I made this Queen inspired one for my Preceptor who is the Queen of nursing! I learned so much from her and hope that one day I can provide the same assistance to preceptor students that she did for me.

The back of the mask is light blue to match the color of her scrubs. Now she can nap on breaks in style!

This super cute mask was inspired by the Nurse Educators imagination. She answered her phone “Hi, Wonderland you have reached Alice” hehe. I thought it was really cute. So She got Alice in Wonderland Sleepy Eye Mask.

The back fabric matches the Green/Teal band. Super cute and hopefully helps her get a good days sleep after a long shift.

The last Eye Mask was for the Wound Care/Ostomy Nurse. She was just a super cute girl so I thought a Super cute Mask would match her personality. I really like this grey and colorful dot fabric.

Then I used a super cute purple fabric for the backing all pulled together with pink band.

I hope all these wonderful Nurses Find these eye masks as useful as I have. These make a great gift because they are super cute and don’t take much time to make. To make your own Super Cute Sleepy Eye Mask you can use my easy to follow tutorial found here.

Have fun Creating!




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