Super Cute Faux Chenille Blanket!

I have fallen in love again! This time…. it’s with Faux Chenille. I love the soft feel, I love the look of it, I love the weight of it on my body, I even love the repetitiveness of quilting the never ending perfect little lines. I may have a new addiction!

I saw some beautiful faux chenille specimins on other blogs such as the Aesthetic Nest and her Heirloom Cute Chenille Baby Blanket Tutorial, and Made‘s Faux Chenille Blanket. These Blankets were my inspiration for my own super cute Faux Chenille Blanket.

I made this blanket out of Martha Negley’s blue Farmington Feathers and 4 sheets of flannel fabric (2 white, 1 teal, and 1 blue).

I basted all 5 layers of my fabrics together and then machine stitched diagonal lines about 1/2 inch apart, which covered the whole blanket.

Then I used my trusty OLFA Chenille cutter which I got from FabricLand, to cut the fabric between the stitched lines. I highly recommend using this tool instead of scissors to reduce blisters and it is just soooooo much faster! OH… and fun too!!

Make sure not to cut the top layer because that is what keeps the whole blanket together. Next time I would put one more extra layer under the top layer to reinforce it. I think that by doing this the blanket will last longer.

I just liked this picture for some reason… so I added it for your enjoyment. 🙂

Then I bound the blanket with this charcoal grey binding.

I added a small strip of silver binding to give the blanket a little bling!

This is my new favorite quilt. I want to use this chenille technique on all my future quilts. I am wondering if there is a way to make a queen sized one. To do this I would have to stitch the sheets together to make it wide enough. I wonder how that will look all chenilled up. Im sure this will be my next quilt. Stay tuned!

Have fun experimenting with your own layers to make a super cute chenille blanket. This is a great gift idea for a baby or as a lap quilt for anyone in your life.

Have fun creating!



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