Super Cute Button Magnets!

I have a thing for buttons! I have thousands of them all stored in color coordinated cute mason jars which I made pin cushion tops for. I will make a post about later, because this post is about my super cute button magnets! I was inspired to make these super cute button magnets while searching for new and creative was to use buttons, and I came across an Etsy store that makes these beautiful button magnets.

All I did was stack my buttons in cute layers and hot glue them together. And… TAA-DAA! Cuteness!!

I had a lot of the big white buttons that I used as a base for the layers of cuteness, so that they look like they go together even though they are all different.

Then I used old magnets that I just had around my house and just hot glued my super cute stacks of buttons to them. Next time I would use stronger new magnets because these magnets are only strong enough to hold up a single piece of paper.

I am lucky to have a daddy that feeds my addiction to buttons. He finds them in second hand stores on the coast and brings me little button gifts often. LOVE MY DADDY!

If you don’t have a daddy like mine you can also find bags of random buttons at second hand stores, fabric stores, craft stores and Walmart!

Have fun creating!






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