Super Cute Bookmarks (Book Jewelry)!

Last Christmas, along with quilts, I made these super cute Bookmarks (book jewelry) and gave them to my loved ones.

I made about 25 of them which all looked different, and these 4 are the only ones I have left. My inspiration for these beauties came from Velvet Strawberries Bookmark Baubles.


I made them from different colors of velvet ribbon from FabricLand, and pendents, clasps and wire all purchased from Michael’s Craft Store.


One thing I would have changed was that the clasps were a bit smaller then the ribbon and I would have liked it if they were the same size. But… I couldn’t find a perfect match, so they are a little less polished then I would have liked.

I attached the pendent to the clasp with wire, which I twisted into a double circle with wire bending tools.

Making book jewelry is a very inexpensive quick gift idea for the avid reader. I even made ones for the men readers in my life. I used navy blue ribbon and manly pendents like leaves or letters of their initials.

I hope you feel inspired to make your own book jewelry!

Have fun creating!






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