My First Rag Rug!

Taking old objects and turning them into something new is very exciting to me. So when I came across rag rugs I was inspired.

I bought these sheets from value village. I try to find queen or king sized flat sheets because they are the easiest to rip, however sometimes I use smaller sheets, fitted sheets or even duvet covers if I love the fabric. When you you other types of sheets there is just more preparation of the fabric to do before getting to the crocheting.

I have used different methods of connecting the strips of fabric and I will share the one method that I find the most effective. When ripping a strip off of the sheet don’t rip it all the way off. Instead leave it attached about 1-2 cm and then rip the fabric back the other way. By doing this you will create one long strip which eliminates having to attach each strip together.

This quilt took about 6 queen sized flat sheets.

As the rug gets bigger you need to add stitches as needed. Do not be afraid because the added stitches are not visible in the end. Rag rugs are VERY forgiving. If you feel that you added too many stitches you can also remove stitches by skipping a hole. The edge of the rug will produce this cute braid like edging all by itself.

This type of crocheting stitch creates an obvious top and bottom. This is what the bottom looks like!



This rag rug sits in the hall in front of my laundry room. I have had many complements on it and as a result many people have received their own rag rug as a gift. If I can get pictures of theses rag rugs I will post about them later.

I hope you feel inspired and have fun making your own rag rugs!





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