I Heart U Valentines Card!

I made this cute Valentines card for my LOVE (SHAWN) by using this free printable template. I made it out of glitter card stock that had around my house because I can’t help but buy glittery things for no intended reason when I see them in the store.

I Heart U Glitter Card For My Valentine!

For this card I did not use the printed template option. Instead I just eyeballed it by drawing the outline on my glitter paper in pencil and then made the cuts with an exacto-knife.

Valentine Card For My Lover!

One thing I suggest is not folding the card in half until you have made all the cuts and created the pop up, otherwise you will have folds at the bottom of the letters which is not super posh in the card making world. 🙂 Learn from my mistakes!


Inside the card I gave him a list of 100 things I love about him. Its not as hard as one might think to list 100 amazing attributes when you love someone as much as I do. I think it was a big hit!

I used another piece of glitter card stock for the outside of the card and used the heart cutout from the inside to give it a little more love.

This is a super easy and very cute card that can be made for someone you LOVE! Remember receiving love letters is not just for Valentines Day, but for everyday!

Have Fun Creating!



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