Elbow Length Oven Mitts!

Mother’s Day Oven Mitts.

These oven mitts are super easy to make in one evening, which make them an awesome gift. I made these yellow and aqua elbow length oven mitts for Shawn’s mom for Mother’s Day. They have been loved and are now a little dirty – Just how I like them oven mitts! 🙂 To make these oven mitts I used this Oven Mitt Tutorial.

Hanging Loop for Elbow Length Oven Mitts.

I added a hanging loop so they can be hung up for easy storage.

Changes that I made to the pattern was that I decided to quilt both sides of the mitts for more visual interest and because I just love quilting so much.

Inside Fabric of Elbow Length Oven Mitts.

Layering of the fabric:

1st layer – Outer fabric on the bottom with the good side facing down on the bottom

2nd layer – Insul-Bright (The fabric that prevents the heat from going through your oven mitts)

3rd layer – Batting

4th layer – Lining Fabric with the good side facing up

** I lined the inside of the gloves with some fabric that I did not care about so much because it is barely seen.

** You need to make 4 of these fabric sandwiches to make 2 oven mitts.

Pink and Blue Elbow Length Oven Mitts.

These are another set of oven mitts that I made for Shawn’s sister in law.

Hanging Loops for Christine’s Oven Mitts.

I made them exactly the same way as Helen’s oven mitts…

Turned in Thumbs on Oven Mitts.

But for some reason the thumbs curved in and I didn’t know how to fix them. I thought these crazy  thumbs gave them a little personality :), so I left them.

I loved these oven mitts so much I made a pare for myself. My home have a white and aqua colour scheme so I Made some oven mitts to match.


I hope you find these oven mitts inspiring in the creation of your own pair! Have fun creating!



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