Little Fabric Wallet

So, for the last year I have been using this little wallet to house all my important stuff. Its perfect because it has three little compartments that fit everything I need. I made it using Valori Wells Little Wallet Sewing Card Pattern.

Little Fabric Wallet Closed

Little Fabric Wallet Open

I used a pink and white glittery fabric and for the outside because I love all things girly and a grey and white fabric for the inside. However, I would suggest not using such light colored fabric because it can look dirty pretty quickly. I also made one for my friend Hannah with a little surprise inside!

Hannah’s Little Fabric Wallet Closed

Hannah’s Little Fabric Wallet Open

Hehe! I put a ruggedly handsome man in it! I gave it to her for her birthday. This is a very easy and quick or last minute gift idea that can be customized for anyone. I have really enjoyed mine. Nothing falls out of it ever because the flap holds everything in. Even small change! It is the perfect size for my card holder which keeps all my very important cards all together and it is small enough to fit in my pocket. Maybe one day I will create my own patterns but until then have fun creating!

2 Little Fabric Wallets Cuddling!



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