Gifted Quilts for my Loved Ones.

Being a student often means that you are poor and dread the holidays when you have to spend more money then you can afford for very thoughtful/meaningful gifts for your loved ones. Well, last Christmas I was determined to still give very thoughtful/meaningful gifts to my loved ones so I decided to sew each of my close family members their own quilts. This of course was cheap for me because I already had all the materials. Otherwise making quilts can be expensive. Fabric is NOT cheap!

Quilts for my Loved Ones

I really have fun creating quilts for other people because I incorporate their unique personalities into each of them and then the quilts seem to become the person, to me at least. 🙂 Everyone loved their quilts and I loved watching them open them on Christmas morning. Gift Giving SUCCESS!!

** I am going to write a separate post for each of these super cute quilts because I have a lot to say about each creation, which would make this post far too long**

Have fun creating!!



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