Reversible Patchwork Baggie-poos!

I am a recovering pintrester of all things quilting and sewing. Ok I am have not completely recovered because I do still search the interwebs for new sewing projects and sewing inspiration but at least I have been actually been making a lot of the beautiful things that I have found. One such creation that I went crazy for were these cute Reversible Patchwork Bags. I made many different styles of them and they now house most of my sewing supplies. I love them and my friends often what me to make one for them too.

My First Reversible Patchwork Baggie-Poo!

This bag is kinda girly and pink. I call her Claire-a-bell. She used to house some of my nail polishes until there was a little spillage mishap . Now she houses all of my different colored threads for my sewing projects. This bag really makes choosing a new thread color fun! Sorry I do not have a picture of the reversible inside. I will take some soon and post as soon as possible.

I did make some adjustments to the tutorial that I used. For this one. I simply used a thick string as the tie to open and close the bag. However I may change this in the future because my tie is not as durable as the ones with a fabric one.

My Second Patchwork Baggie-poo!

This is the second Bag I made. It is a little more manly. I call him Herman. This time I used bigger square and only 4 different fabrics. Im not as in love with this one but it serves its purpose. He houses all my scrap fabrics and is currently almost bursting at the seams. Again I do not have the reversible picture but I will take one and post it soon.

Reversible Patchwork Baggie-poos!

Here is Claire-a-bell and Herman together to show the difference in their size. Although Herman is kind of slouchy I assure you he is big!

I have made many more of these bags; however, at this moment I do not have pictures of them so I will add them as soon as I do. You can see how you can customize these bags in any color scheme that you like or any size that you like. I made a very boy one for a friend who uses it for her sons school lunches. The possibilities are endless, so have fun creating!




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