My First Quilt!


My Super Cute First Quilt!

I made this quilt on my school break in April 2011. As you can see I love the colors pink and grey.

I love all the different fabrics that were used in this quilt. However, I cut off all the salvages for a different project which I will show you in a different post, so I can’t tell you what they are all called or who created them. My goal is to be more aware of the fabrics that I use so that I can tell you what exact ones I use in future projects.

The Back of My First Quilt!

When I made the nine squares I accidently made an extra one so I added it to the backing. I also used 2 different shades of grey fabric that are separated with a cute light pink stripe. I would have used just one grey, but I ran out of fabric. I love how it turned out.

Love This Quilt!

I bound it with a aqua colored binding to finish it off.

This is one of the quilts that sits on the side on my couch and one that I will never be able to part with. I feel like it is a part of me because this is where my love for quilting started.

I had a lot of fun making this quilt and figuring out how to put it all together using tutorials that are available all over the internet. I know you can make one too! Have fun creating!



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