First Post of my Life!

So… being computer illiterate makes this blogging thing very difficult, but I am trying my darnedest. “I CAN DO THIS” she says with a fist in the air.

The first strawberries from my strawberry plant this year for my first blog posting.

Things I have learned so far:

  1. picking a name that is not already used will take hours. Then all of a sudden you will stop caring and type the first thing that comes to your mind. MAKING THINGS IS AWESOME!! This is something that I truly believe with the exception of making a name for this blog; however, this name is very fitting!
  2. How to write a post. YAY!

That is all I have learned… I have a lot of blog learning ahead of me.

Questions I want to know the answers to right now…

  1. How do I upload pictures?
  2. What’s a widget? 
  3. How do I make this blog look like a blog?

I will update you on my progress with hopefully some progress.



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