DIY Garden Labels

This year I really wanted to grow my own garden but due to the size of my apartment I had to settle for a herb garden. Which I was super excited about! I had always wanted fresh herbs that last longer then the ones in my fridge. And since this was the first year in many years that I had a deck with sun I planned out everything I wanted to grow. But what is a garden without garden labels. I found this tutorial called  DIY Garden Markers and went to work. I used polymer clay and small alphabet rubber stamps that I bought from Michael’s craft store and just added some little mirrors that had fallen off an old disco ball to give them a little BLING!

My Beautiful Garden Labels

I also made some adjustments to the process of making these beauties. I could not find my rolling pin so instead I used the back of my flat T.V. remote control to pound the clay into what I like to call perfect 3D rectangels and instead of cutting a perfect angle for the bottom part I used my trusty fingers to pinch them into a point.

After they looked the way I liked I put them in the oven according to the clay instructions and then took them out to cool. Now since I did this at the beginning of summer when I was not yet blogging my creations I do not have a many pictures of them in action but you can trust me that they were all super cute!

Strawberry Garden Label in Action

You can create your own Garden Labels by adding your own details into the clay. Some ideas at the top of my head include using shells from your beach adventures, cute beads, jewels or any other small items that can go in the oven without melting. Have fun creating!!



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